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    Thursday | 01:01 | 1Comment

    Assalamualaikum, hello and so on to all my viewer. thanks for stay tune with me since 2010 until now and still counting. do you still remember about 2012? I'm missing suddenly because of my big exam, it was upsr and after I recieved my result i coming back to update my blog. So yarrr this year I had made the same sudden thing. I'm missing for almost one year. My last entry was updated on march 2014 about "sentimental". But today, I'm making my new blog life. I've delete all my old entry and this will be my first entry and inshaAllah there will be more entry. The reason why i'm gone from this blog life? hahahaha such stupid reason.Just because of I'm living in hostel. That's all. And coming home just for a few days. So i don't have enough time to be in front of laptop and update my dumb blog.