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    Monday | 23:09 | 6Comment


    Yeaaaahh i got my pt3 result on 14th dec and it was yesterday. I woke up early in the morning just to take my pt3 result and going back home at the same day. Such a tired day. I'm wearing my school uniform from my house and have a long journey that took 4 hour to reach my school. how far my school is?!?!?!. during the journey, suddenly both my cousin whatsapp my parents and told about their pt3 result. And they got 8A's. I was so afraid about mine. I cried like i lost my cats. 

    when i arrived my "jail" without thinking anything i entered the hall and take my result. Ohyaaaa finally my mom said "apa nak nangis 8A ni" i dont want to cry. i just cant stopped smiling like i have new cats. since i love cats, i keep on using it. This entry is just to tell my blog that i got 8A's for pt3. and my b is bm and bi (writting). I dont know what type of languages i'm using to communicate. maybe itali AHAHAHAHA. but it just my writting. my oral test is A for both subject. 

    I'm weird.

    As you all know pt3 result doesn't has a slip like pmr. it just on an A4 paper. depend on school what colour they want to use or what type design. acah-acah kretif je. Tapi bila nak ambil keputusan you will be prepared with four type of "certificate" rasanya. tapi ada 4 la.
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    lets share your result in your blog. :)