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  • My 2018 summary }
    Monday | January 07, 2019 | 1Comment

    Assalamualaikum and salam Isnin.

    btw happy new year to all fellow, hope you will have a blessing year and a new brand lifestyle. I mean upgrading your lifestyle to be better than last year. 

    I'm feeling good to be back here and write a new update about me #noonecare but I care. ummph actually since I got a lot of time while waiting for my last paper (pre-calculus) so why not I just update my blog with the unimportant story of mine. I'm a bit sad because I need to stay in college for 1 week just for my last paper on this 13 January. Btw it's on my mom's birthday. 

    So basically I got an idea of writing about my 2018 life. Maybe it will be quite boring to read but I just want to move my finger and fill up my time (honestly I'm boring) -- 

    2018 was a nice year, I start my new life as a university student. At first, I'm totally nervous I can't really set my mind clear that I will be entering university. For me, I still a kid that needs to take care, lol what a silly statement. I'm staying in the hostel since I was 14 y/o, I'm actually missed my time at home. 

    back to the topic, the first thing that running in my mind was how can make friends in university? people nowadays are too choosy and I just scared that I'll not meet any new friend. It takes me a month to find new friend since I have my old friends but at last, I set my mind its okay not have a new best friend unless I can focus on my study. That's what I'm doing right now, I make lots of new friends but not a best friend. I tried to make one but I failed since I'm to busy with my life "too much focus on the study". maybe next sem I'll meet one but I'm hoping the one that loves to study and really active. bruh-- I'm not judging anyone but that's the reason why I don't have any new best friend. okay la, for me best friend is went you already know he/she well because I'm the person that takes time to know people. I don't want the "salah pilih kawan" situation. It wastes my time.

    But just a kind reminder to all, to have a good friend-- try to appreciate every single person that comes to your life. Just appreciate!